AVZMT Application

The Application Packet will be re-evaluated on even years for
any necessary updates, these updates will be completed by
December 31st.

Application Summary

Important Points

  • Be advised, the application process can be daunting. Requirements for specialization are rigorous.

  • AVZMT has adopted a two-part, partially blinded, application process for the 2025 exam. Applicants need to read all information included in the AVZMT Application Packet CAREFULLY in order to ensure full understanding of the new application process and requirements. All application forms are linked in the application packet.
  • Applications will be evaluated for completeness and adherence to all instructions. Please remember, this is a professional application; submission of incomplete documents will result in rejection. Care should be taken to ensure the application is compiled using proper writing mechanics, grammar and spelling.
  • All documents in the application process are submitted electronically. AVZMT Application Part 1 is completed using Cognito Forms. If Part 1 is accepted, applicants will receive DropBox submission instructions for AVZMT Application Part 2.

AVZMT Application Part 1 Contents:

  • Statement of Purpose
  • Applicant Information Form
  • Applicant's diploma
  • Applicant's credentialing documentation
  • Employment History Form
  • Proof of employment
  • Continuing Education Summary
  • Letters of recommendation
  • Waiver, Release, and Indemnity Agreement
  • Part 1 application fee $25, by March 31st

AVZMT Application Part 2 Contents:

  • Advanced Skills Lists
  • Skills List Witness Agreement
  • Forty (40) to fifty (50) Case Logs
  • Five (5) Case Reports
  • Part 2 application fee $50, by Dec 31st
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