Oct 2020 - Virtual Conference

Check back for updates. FAQ below.

The AZVT 2020 Annual Conference previously scheduled at Virginia Zoo in Norfolk VA has been postponed until October 2021.

In lieu of a physical, 'in-person' annual conference, AZVT will be offering a Virtual Conference for October 2020. The conference is still in the planning stages and details will be announced as they become available. We anticipate potential attendees will have a number of questions. We have tried to address the most likely inquiries below. If you have additional questions, please contact any Executive Board member.

Will the virtual conference be held on the original dates?
While we have not officially set dates for the virtual conference, it is the intent to make every effort to keep the dates the same, October 4th-8th.

Who will be presenting during the virtual conference? What about wet labs?
The Program Committee was already hard at work with presenters for the original conference in Norfolk, the majority of those presenters are participating in the virtual conference and we are hoping to include a few new guest speakers as well. As for virtual wet labs, the logistics are currently being determined. It's possible some of the original physical wet labs will translate into a virtual format.

Will there be a cost to register for the virtual conference?
Yes, there will be a registration fee to attend the virtual conference. The cost will be less than our traditional conference fee. Actual pricing structures are currently under discussion. There will be a single day option and possibly an 'Institutional' rate, to allow facilities with multiple technicians to register together at a lower cost than registering individually. Who knows, maybe even a BOGO deal...

Will the virtual conference provide RACE Approved CE?
Yes. For 2020, RACE is making some allowances for online CE. Whether online CE fulfills credentialing requirements, varies by state. It will be the technician's responsibility to assure compliance for their individual state. The Virtual Conference will be categorized as 'live/interactive', which is a RACE requirement for a number of states.

Will the conference be held during the day? What if I'm working or I'm in a different time zone?
The plan is to offer 'live' presentation sessions at different times of day - some in the morning, some in the afternoon to help accommodate various time zones. Additionally, all sessions will be recorded. These archived presentations will be available to registrants watch at their leisure.

What about the 40th Anniversary Celebration?
The celebration is postponed until the Norfolk VA conference in 2021.

What about the conference already scheduled for 2021 at Reid Park Zoo?
Thank you to Reid Park Zoo for graciously moving the 2021 conference to 2022! Since we now have 2022 scheduled, voting for the 2023 conference will take place next year in Virginia.

What about the other conference activities? The Icebreaker? Business Meeting?
Work is underway to schedule some fun, virtual social events during the conference. Interaction with fellow AZVT colleagues can be so therapeutic, and often is the best part! Also be ready for a virtual Annual Business Meeting, hooray! More details to come...

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