AZVT Conference Program Information:
Submitting Papers, Presenting, and RACE

Since the inception of AZVT, member have come together each year to share ideas, present solutions to problems, highlight interesting cases and novel research, and communicate and network with one another to further their knowledge about veterinary medicine.
The annual conference proceedings have become a source of information and ideas for technicians in their day-to-day practice. It is, essentially, the journal publication of the Association.
In 2011, AZVT became an approved American Association of Veterinary State Boards (AAVSB) provider of Registry of Approved Continuing Education (RACE) credits. Since then, the Program Chairs have sought RACE approval for the continuing education credits provided at the annual conference, benefiting those technicians that must have RACE-approved CE for their annual licensing requirements.

AZVT Program Committee Chairs

Christina Camillo, MS, MT
Editor-in-Chief, RACE Program Administrator

Dianna Lydick, LVT, VTS (Zoo)
Program Organizer

2020 Conference Presentation Deadlines


Are You Ready To Present?

If you are not sure of what to present, here are some questions to ask yourself:

  • Do you have a new and innovative procedure that you have been perfecting at your institution?
  • Have you been conducting novel research and have important results? Have you discovered what NOT to do (just as important as what TO do)?
  • Have you solved a problem (in animal care, medicine, hospital organization, etc.) at your institution that might help others?
  • Have you participated in an exciting project over the last year? Keep in mind if you are the recipient of an AZVT Grant, you must present at the annual conference as part of the Grant agreement.
  • Is it time to update a topic you or someone else has shared in the past? Are there new developments that should be shared?
  • Is there a neglected topic you feel should be shared or expanded on?

If you answered "yes" to any of the above questions, you may be ready to present at this year's AZVT conference. Keep reading for more information and Forms Guide.

Conflict of Interest

An area of growing concern in publications is conflict of interest. From the RACE standards (2018):

"RACE acknowledges the need for corporations to use veterinary medical professionals as technical representatives to present Programs specifically developed around a product of service. The presenter must be qualified in the subject matter, so they can answer questions and direct the discussion in an appropriate fashion to achieve CE credit" (Section 6.01e, p.9)

However, there must be a clear separation between the educational component and any promotional/marketing aspects of the presentation. From the RACE standards (2018):

"While Programs may reference specific products for services and be promotional in nature, they must not be or appear to be primarily for generating sales of a product or service" (Section 6.02, p.9)
"...the presenter must provide a conflict of interest form in the application and disclosure must be made to the program attendees" (Section 6.01e, p.9)

If a presenter is employed by a commercial organization and is presenting on behalf of that organization, this conflict of interest disclosure form must be presented to the attendees at the beginning of the presentation.

Please indicate any conflict of interest you might have.
         Not sure if your presentation presents a conflict of interest? Please contact the RACE Program Administrator to find out more.

Presentation Time Requirements

As a RACE-approved provider, AZVT must follow the presentation time requirements. The minimum time permitted for a presentation is 30 minutes. Please keep this in mind as you are preparing your talk. The 30 minutes does not include time for questions. There will be time built into the schedule for questions and the switching of presenters.

If you will need more than 30 minutes, notify one the of the Program Committee Chairs as soon as possible.

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